Good mental health and wellness are very important for a healthy life. So here are some really great mental health and wellness apps to keep you positive always.

1. Headspace

mental and wellbeing apps headspace

Headspace is a great self-care, mental health, and wellness app that helps you meditate and keep your mind healthy and clear.

For me, I have both an online and offline business, this can be overwhelming sometimes and can cause me to shut down completely, I would switch off my device for days, ignore deadlines and lock myself indoors because I was just overwhelmed with everything. Then I sought help and discovered; I was doing too much without rewarding myself with a little care, not giving my mind time off or caring for my wellbeing. That was when I found headspace.

With its very soothing and relaxing guidance voice, you can find some general meditating under the Basic meditations. For a quick meditation fix, you can find short meditations. There is also specific meditation guidance tailored to different situations such as stress, relationships, sleep. The meditation voice behind Headspace is so soothing; I already feel relaxed and soothed just writing about it. It would make you feel more relaxed and at ease in no time.

Headspace is free, but to get access to hundreds of more meditations, you would have to subscribe.

2. Magic Workout

mental and wellbeing apps workout

Don’t have enough time to go to the gym? I know, some people do not have enough time left in their day to squeeze in a visit to the gym. Gym visit can be like luxury time. With this app, you can dedicate 3 minutes of your time daily to get in a bit of instructional exercise and keep fit on the go.

The whole point of self-care is to stay healthy, in both body and mind. While you are taking care of the mind, do not forget your body too. This app is great because it breaks down exercises into simple, easy, and progressing moves. You have a few seconds in-between to take breaks, and the whole daily routine doesn’t take much time. As you progress daily and get used to it, the time increases little by little until you are quite the expert and happy with the results. It even makes multiple days challenge and keeps count of calories estimated to have been lost and your consistency. I feel rewarded every time I see how far I’ve come. It’s a real morale booster.

You can even start a fitness challenge with a friend.  Don’t get overly competitive about it; make it fitness fun, no pressure at all.

3. The Flo App

Flo app Mental Health and Wellness Apps

This is a menstrual cycle app, also known as, an ovulation calendar, period tracker and pregnancy app. For those worried about privacy and feeling less exposed, there is a pin code lock for securing your information.

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This app is quite vital for people making plans around their menstrual cycle. It could be a couple trying to get pregnant or, perhaps planning a holiday and would prefer not to be on their period. It helps you track periods, ovulation and fertility and gives great insights throughout the month about how your body is working at specific times. Such a helpful app.

4. Smoke Free

Smoke Free Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Looking to give up? Download Smoke Free – This is one of the most popular smoking cessation apps. This app is such a great idea, its amazing.

Not only can you track cravings and progress, which will help deter you from lighting up, but it will also show you financial analysis by telling you every single penny you are saving by not smoking and the hours of life you’ve saved too. If that’s not motivational, I don’t know what is.

5. Mood Tools – Depression Aid

Mood Tool - Depression aid Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Mood Tools is one of the most important apps on this list. An app designed for people who suffer from depression and negative moods.

This app is made up of several research-supported features and tools. These tools include a feature that helps you identify negative thinking patterns, thought diary to analyze thought, stress relief and energy regaining activities, self-help guides and depression questionnaires, as well as, a safety plan in case of suicidal crisis.

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