WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Season 6 Episode 3 of Power

The episode of Power begins with more deaths in an already deadly season.

This episode was directed by show producer, 50 Cent and true to his words, he has returned the original them song with Joe after a lot of fans expressed their displeasure at the remixed version by Trey songs which can be heard in episode 1 and 2.

Special agent Donovan and his men come under attack from Alicia Jermanez’ cartel hitmen while they were trying to relocate Dre from the safe house where they stashed him.

Dre escapes with his daughter Heaven, right after shooting Donovan to death –  the only other surviving person.

Power Donavan Heaven and Dre

Donavan took a bullet to the shoulder protecting Dre’s daughter, but the cowardly little snitch didn’t seem to care as he shoots the man in the head and escapes. Only to be caught at the train station a minute later. Bad Dre! He is rearrested and taken back to New York City to testify against Alicia.

Dre’s reappearance followed by his dastardly killing of Donavan after the man saved his life and begged for his own is very Dre like, always looking out for only himself. 

Alicia on the hand denies knowing anything about the attack at the safe house. Of course!

Rashad Tate on the hand seems to be having an affair with his campaign manager’s wife or fiancée. That’s just another time bomb ticking away to zero

He gets a new campaign fixer Ramona, sent in by the Democratic National Committee and she gets right to work, firing and replacing staffers and then gets Ghost on the agenda to do campaign rounds with Tasha in tow playing the dutiful wife.

Councilman Tate Power

This is quite confusing because why would a firecracker campaign expert from Washington, think that “James”, someone who is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons and whom she admits to having found out was a drug dealer, should be the poster boy for Tate’s campaign?  Lazy scriptwriting? Plot thickening?

Furthermore, is that Ghost and Ramona I peep flirting with each other? There seems to be an unspoken air between them. We will see about that, I guess.

Ramona and Ghost Power

Tate however, reluctantly agrees to Ramona’s plan and then he and Ramona dine Tasha to try to convince her to keep pretending to be with James. Tasha finally agrees… as long as Tate helps to ease her path and put together a new child daycare. Ramona agrees, much to Tate’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, Tariq’s drug dealing venture hits a snag – his connect, Kanaan, is dead and he is quickly running out of pills. He might also be getting a love interest as we see him bonding with Effie, a student he met in the last episode and promptly recruited into his dealing business.

Tariq Power

That business was going quite well for all of 20 seconds and I bet he is about to get into some more terrible trouble. 


Jason is still capitalizing go the Ghost and Tommy feud as he sends both men to capture Alicia so he can take control of her drug territories. Tommy succeeds with the help of Keisha and his gang but he spots Ghost at the courthouse during the Alicia capture and later confronts Jason about it after Jason kills Alicia.

Alicia Jemandez Power

Proctor is still being a loyal little lawyer, bouncing off between the feuding Ghost and Tommy.

A desperate Ghost crawls back to Simon Stern begging for financial help. You would think hell would freeze over before he would do that, but here we are.

Meanwhile, Keisha is excited about her little role in the Alicia capture and getting quite a high from it. She agrees to launder money through her shop for Tommy. She is also hell-bent on keeping Tasha far away from her and Tommy but Tommy is not really doing that and it might come back to bite him.

Power Keisha and Tommy

With Alicia dead, Dre is set free but with conditions that include he’s not getting his daughter Heaven unless he helps Saxe Ghost.

Saxe still believes that Ghost killed Angela, choosing to ignore every single fact and logic that points to the contrary. Saxe trying to get Ghost by any means necessary is very much in character for the desperate government official. His obsession for Ghost is annoying to watch at this point because he has let reasoning and sense take flight. Although looking back, I doubt if he ever had any.


Not a healthy obsession Saxe!

Selfish little Ghost calls Tommy to propose that they set up Jason for playing them both. Tommy is not here for the plan and I’m with him. Ghost only calls on Tommy when things are not going his way. He is a user and Tommy has realized that because he does not agree to get in bed with Ghost on this.

Tommy has always put his life and business on pause to collaborate with Ghost every time. To his own detriment. Even though Ghost has a point about Jason playing them both, I don’t think Tommy should fall in with him again.

Also, a common enemy bringing them together is now a very tired and recurrent theme in this show. It’s played out now and the writers are to blame for it. Ghost is also too selfish for Tommy to continue being so stupid and sacrificing everything for. I give this Power episode a 4 star.

Do you want Ghost and Tommy to work together and bring down Jason?

Are you interested in how Tate’s campaign turns out?

Do you think Tommy will regret bringing Keisha into the fold? Let me know what you think in the comment section. And don’t forget to rate this episode of Power.



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