Warning: This post contains spoilers from Power Season 6 Episode 2

Update on the new intro. It’s growing on me. I guess it’s an acquired taste.

So, let’s get right to it.

Really? Ghost is grieving? A classic case of crocodile tears if ever there was one. I just can’t with this whole situation on Power!

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Jason is taking advantage of this Ghost and Tommy rift and it’s hilarious.

Tommy gets an Uber ride back to the city, thanks to Tariq after his car is riddled with bullets and let’s just say he’s not a nice Uber Rider. Tariq, on the other hand, is turning into a rather savvy drug dealer building his own network of private school wheelers and dealers.

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Ghost runs to Proctor for an alibi but it’s rather inconvenient because Proctor doesn’t have any to hand out since he was with Warner, the new AUSA boss when Ghost was “playing the Grim Reaper”

Ghost is so crushed and grieving that Tommy is (presumably) dead…and we would console him on this great loss but just like Proctor noted he’s “the one that pulled the trigger”, so, there goes that.

This episodes just highlights how so selfish Ghost really is. He and Tasha are in divorce arbitration already – that was quite fast, I thought Tasha asked for the divorce 10 seconds ago? And Ghost is being really stingy with money. Tasha has to squeeze and negotiate. It’s just annoying to watch.

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The search for Terry Silver intensifies and Det. Rodriguez quickly becomes a pain in Tasha’s neck. Tasha and Paz make an alliance.

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Love or hate Angela but watching Paz grieve and Angela’s funeral brings up emotions. She made lots of bad decisions, was really bad at her job but she was good generally. Rest in Peace Angela.

Tate is still manipulating and scheming his way through the Governorship race and Ghost seizes an opportunity during his campaign speech to grab an alibi for Tommy’s presumed time of death.


Proctor and his ex-wife are in custody battle for their daughter and he finally agrees to joint custody. His ex is being used by the AUSA office and she plants a bugged unicorn on their daughter’s backpack. Those Proctor and Ghost home meetings are about to become rather interesting.

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Angela’s benefits are under review having Paz worry about how to pay for her funeral but Tasha helps her out.

At the funeral, Tommy shows up and pays his condolences to Angela’s family. The nerve of him!

Common Tommy, I thought you were playing dead? What was the point of playing dead for just one day?

A lot of scenes that are now useless and a waste of time in retrospect. It’s like they don’t know what to do with time so they follow a train of thought and then abandoned it halfway.

There are a lot of disjointed stories on this episode.

There is James threatening Tasha that if he goes to jail, she gets nothing. So, she should accompany him to Angela’s funeral to make him look good.

But at the end of the episode, Tasha threatens Ghost that she would testify against him unless he gives her what she wants. So what was the point of succumbing to Ghost’s threat in the first place?

Then there is Tasha begging Ghost not to go after Tommy as a condition to accompany him to Angela’s funeral and then there is Ghost asking Tasha if she knew Tommy was alive when he showed up at the funeral.

Why would Ghost ask Tasha that when he didn’t tell her he already killed Tommy? What in the confusion is going on here?


Ghost is very pissed that Tommy whom he was grieving so much about a minute ago is still alive. And he promptly seeks out Jason’s blessing to kill Tommy…Jason agrees only if Ghost would take over Tommy’s role in his organization after killing him. It’s business as usual.

Keisha is being strung along with Chanel bags and diamond earrings as she digs herself in deeper into things that shouldn’t concern her. Poor Cash! I wonder how well he would do in foster homes if his mum goes to jail, or worse, ends up dead.


We finally see Dre. In Witness Protection, getting ready to testify against Alicia Jermanez.

Tasha got herself a new home and we finally see baby Yaz is all grown up now, as she should.

A confusing and disjointed episode. I would call it a filler episode, the stage is being set, alliances being made and a body buried as they all get ready for testimonies, takedowns, and betrayals.

As for the question the title asks, one thing is for sure for me, i am not on Ghost’s side.

It’s a 3-star episode of Power. What did you think? Rate it below and hit the comment section with your thoughts.




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