Warning: This post contains spoilers from Power Season 6 premiere.

First, I want to register my displeasure at the new intro.  After nearly a year away, I was waiting to hear Joe’s voice in the iconic theme song but was disappointed to hear this. Well done Trey Songs but it just didn’t feel the same.

Ladies and gentlemen, James isn’t the only ghost in Power‘s Season 6 premiere.

This episode starts off moments after Angela is shot as she is being rushed into the emergency room and Ghost almost losing his mind. A cop is right in the hospital waiting to question Ghost. Wow, they work fast! But Ghost’s mind works even faster because he misses only a beat as he tells them that he didn’t see the shooter. Angela’s sister Paz arrives and loses it when she sees Ghost, screaming that he’s a murderer and that’s how we know that Angela is dead.

Power Tommy and Ghost

Meanwhile, Tommy is working fast, meeting up with Keisha and giving her the murder weapon to get rid of. Seriously Tommy? Why do you have to drag Keisha into this? You could have gotten rid of the gun yourself. Now, she is an accessory and I can bet that this will come back to bite them both in the ass.

Power tommy and keisha rottenpepper.com

Keisha wants to be ride or die so bad, it feels misplaced. You have a child to protect Keisha, be smart!

Then Tommy heads off to Tasha to beg for an alibi but she is no fool and she quickly gets him to admit that he was trying to kill Ghost but mistakenly killed Angela instead.

She understands why Tommy tried to kill Ghost, while simultaneously not wanting the father of her children and a man she loved to die. Although that feeling quickly disappeared with Terry’s disappearance. Tasha isn’t guaranteeing Tommy an alibi though, until he fixes things with Ghost.


So, just in case we still had doubts and Paz’s crying and screaming didn’t convince us that Angela is really dead, it is announced at an emergency meeting of the AUSA’s office. A stunned Saxe, Donovan and Robinson grieve for all of 5 seconds before launching into a game of “who should we throw under the bus for Angela’s death?” Saxe volunteers to take the lead and investigate who killed Angela. Yeah right!

power Angela is dead rottenpepper.com

If you still held out hope that maybe Angela survived, that hope would quickly evaporate in the next scene, where we see Paz sitting and crying with her sister’s dead body in the hospital morgue. Saxe shows up and asks her to authorize an autopsy, she initially refuses but later in the episode she agrees.

Meanwhile, Saxe thinks Ghost killed Angela because he thought she was the female witness (whom we know is really Maria Suarez) they have against him. Information he leaked to Proctor.

He is surprised though to see that Tameka has been fired — someone has to be thrown under the bus for this embarrassment! — and she’s been replaced by Jacob Warner. Saxe doesn’t miss a beat trying to shove his head up the new boss’ ass. He immediately places a noose around his own neck by telling his new boss that he is the leak that led to Angela getting killed (he told Proctor, remember?).

He still wants to continue on the same destructive path that has gotten the department into all the mess, information leaking and witness endangerment. God forbid that they have another strategy. And the new boss is eating it up like a Gordon Ramsey cuisine. Although he lets Saxe know that he will hang him out to dry if the plan goes awry. Now, Saxe wants to endanger Maria by leaking that there is another witness. In fact, he already did when he told Proctor on his way to the office. Maybe it will work out for them this time. And he has Det. Rodriguez to help them along this time.

Tommy warily enters his house and is confronted by Ghost. The two have a fight, kicking and tumbling on the floor which looks more like two siblings roughhousing than a serious fight. Although Tommy comes away with an angry-looking black eye. During their tumble, they learn important information from each other – that Tommy’s shot killed Angela and that Tommy knows that Ghost manipulated him to kill his father, Teresi. Quite an informative fight if I do say so myself.

power ghost and tommy

Tariq shows up in the middle of his dad and his uncle tumbling on the floor and after inquiring unsuccessfully why he’s not in school, Ghosts excuses Tariq and Tommy so they can talk. Weird family dynamics!

Power Tariq and Ghost

Ghost and Tasha meet at the nightclub, and after getting inquiries about the death and whereabouts of the persons they each love out of the way, Tasha asks for a divorce. Finally! Its past time my dear, the divorce is four seasons and a half overdue.

Power Tasha walking away

I think a divorce would make Tasha able to testify against Ghost. And from Ghost’s facial expression when Tasha asked for a divorce I think he thought that too.

Ghost meets with Proctor and agrees to turn himself in for questioning about Angela’s death after discovering that there is another witness. At the interrogation, he tells one lie after the other, naturally. And of course, he has no idea who killed AUSA, Angela Valdes.

Meanwhile, Jason delays delivery of product until he is certain of the Tommy and Ghost situation. Ghost’s situations have always messed up Tommy’s business since this series started. Tommy is getting the short end of this friendship stick.

Power Tommy

Tommy meets with his drug-dealing soldiers to assuage their eagerness that products are coming and one of them wants to start a revolution. Tommy shoots him in the head and every other person falls in line after that. Effectively ending any dissent. Tommy heads out to a building rooftop to be with Tariq as he scatters Kanaan’s ashes.

Tommy playing Bone Thugz-N-Harmony and smoking Kanan’s ashes are very Tommy things to do. Tariq learns of Angela’s death as Tasha drives him back to school and later calls his dad to offer condolences. Then admits to his roommate that he’s just playing nice. For now.

Tasha meets her mum for lunch and Miss Estelle thinks Tasha’s plan to divorce Ghost is a foolish one but Tasha merely says she’s going to get even with her husband herself. And I’m here for it, I’ve been waiting.

Tommy meets with Jason to take delivery of his product and Jason is being too nice. My alarm bells start going off, I thought Tommy was about to be killed. And I was (kindda) right. Ghost followed Tommy to the drug pickup and sprays his former friend’s car with gunfire assuming that he’s killed him. With Ghost under the impression that he has killed Tommy, things are about to get interesting heading into episode two.

Power ghost and Tommy

After years of lies and manipulation, it appears that Ghost has lost virtually every single person who had his back and supported him either by death or their own volition. From Angela to Tommy to Tasha to Tariq, it’s a lonely world for Ghost now.

The position Ghost finds himself now is purely his own doing. Constantly thinking you’re the smartest person in the room will catch up to you eventually.

It’s a 3 star for me. Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the premiere episode? Grade the episode below.




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