Looking for online movie and TV show reviews? It can be quite a task searching and having to choose which reviews to read for honest and insightful opinions on movies and TV shows. After searching on Google, you can be bombarded with lots of results and then get confused about which would be most useful. You are looking for honest opinions and not posts that are rehashing and recapping the plot.

Here are some of the best movie review websites with both positive and negative reviews on movies written by movie critics, movie lovers and site users.

1) Rotten Tomatoes

Best movie review websites rottenpepper.com

The best and most famous movie review sites. Rotten Tomatoes compiles collections of critic’s reviews from a number of national and regional publications and then averages out their scores by grading if the movie is “rotten” or “fresh”.

One of the most popular movies reviewing sites, rottentomatoes.com separates the wheat from the chaff to help you know which movies are worth your viewing time.

2. Rotten Pepper

Best movie review websites rottenpepper.com d

This site is the new ultimate destination for …that’s right, movie and TV show reviews. Film reviews, TV show reviews, there are lots of that on this site. Not just film reviews but they also have tech reviews, book reviews, video game reviews, product reviews, and other general reviews. An inclusive website with witty reviews, honest opinions and topics accepted from contributors.

Reviews are written by site authors, users and contributors and scores are awarded for every review. Whether you wish to read or write reviews on the newest movie or book reviews, everything is covered on rottenpepper.com

3) Roger Ebert

Best movie review websites rottenpepper.com 3

One of the most liked and famous movie critics in the world, Roger Ebert is the father of film review websites. The deceased critic’s in-depth reviews on nearly every film released is a true guide for movie lovers and audiences of all spheres.

His website rogerebert.com is a great addition to everyone’s review destination and source.

4) Yahoo! Movies

Best movie review websites rottenpepper.com 5

Yahoo movies offer upcoming film releases information, trailers, as well as, reviews from both users and critics. Lots of important movie lovers information can be found here – movies in theaters, released onto DVD and much more.


Of course, I wouldn’t talk about movie review sites without mentioning IMDG. This is like the dictionary or thesaurus of all movies ever released. In addition to offering information on movie plots, cast and crew information, IMDB also offers site user-generated reviews on movie releases.

Although IMDB.com does not offer adequately compiled review metric from expert critics as rotten tomatoes do, it, however, has an archive of helpful sources you need when gathering information about movies.

6) MrQE

With over 100,000 reviews and close to one million articles, Movie Review Query Engine has a massive database of movie reviews similar to Rotten Tomatoes. However, instead of rating them as good or bad, MRQE provides the graph of critics’ scores of the movie and then offers the user an arithmetic average of all the review scores.

MRQE.com also provides a variety of other services such as movies news. Like the Google of movie reviews.

7) Film.com

The Film.com is similar to rottenpeper.com with a big resource of movie reviews, television listings, TV shows, and other film information.

On film.com movie reviews are written by the site authors, and scores are awarded for every movie.

I know there are lots of other sites that didn’t make the list, but hey, I would very much love to read about your recommendations and suggestions in the comments below.

Let me know your favorite plug for movie review and TV shows reviews.

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