Warning: The following contains spoilers for Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13, the finale.

This final episode of Animal Kingdom Season 4, titled Smurf, sees the boys deal with the immediate aftermath of Smurf’s demise in the hands of her grandson J, who shot her in the head (she asked for it!) and their struggle to solidify their hold on what the boys are quickly coming to realize is really Smurf’s Empire.

Animal Kingdom. The Cody Boys
The Cody Boys

The boys, (except Deran who would rather skip town) quickly try to prove themselves as bad boys with or without smurf. And then there is Angela, lurking in the shadows, just behind Pope’s ear and giving them the nudge they didn’t know they needed while telling everyone who cares to listen “I’m with Pope now” *eye-roll*, no one seems to care though because, without Smurf, the Cody boys might as well be as scary as One Direction.

Craig comes through with fake passports (Deran had asked him for in Episode 11) for Deran and Adrian to flee to Indonesia where there’s great surfing beaches, no extradition and live happily ever after. So sweet, nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Animal Kingdom Deran and Craig
Deran and Craig

The scramble is on for the top dog position which has been left vacant by Smurf’s death and fans are really wondering, who is good enough to fill this role? J? Pope? Frankie? Pope is not making it smooth sailing for J who thought he had this on lock…lol, think again J!

Even Gia informed J she is not buying whatever he is selling, literally…until she learns who is taking over Smurf’s empire.

A new twist is being expected in next season. I think we might be introduced to another worthy Smurf-like character in Pam, who we discovered Smurf left everything to in her will, disinheriting the boys in a final screw you move from the grave, leaving J scrambling helter-skelter with a scheme to twat the will. The scheme being; burn the copies and have a lawyer fake a new one.

Animal Kingdom, finn cole. Jay
Jay scheming

ERM! Okay, J, you think the major beneficiary in the will did not also get a copy of said will?  Not a full proof plan, at all. Keep thinking J. I guess this is the show writers setting the stage for a season 5 plot. Maybe Pam will show up to come to collect or maybe not? We’ll see.

Angela just out of a job bumps into her brother’s baby mama who informs her, her brother is looking for her. Apparently, she snitched on him to earn herself a get out of jail card and he’s not too pleased about it.

 Billy shows up, remember him? Deran’s dad. Deran is not too pleased to see him – with good reason, last time he took off, he stole from Deran. He comes bearing gift – repayment of the stolen money, or some of it. A Trojan horse, if ever there was one. Deran promptly kicks him out but not after he finds out Deran is going away and then tells Pope about it.

Animal Kingdom. Billy returns
Billy returns

Pope confronts Deran about Adrien and his plan to leave. This confrontation must have weighed heavy on Deran because when it came time to leave, he couldn’t go and so Adrienne had to go alone. Deran breaks down after he leaves and I feel really bad for them both.

So, after some Angela-ry whispers in his gullible ears, Pope decides they need to prove to people that the Cody boys are still here.

Animal KIngdom. Popeand Angela discussing the Cody reputation
Pope and Angela

I’m like, “yes, make a great plan and do this”…but I spoke too soon.

The boys show up at Angela’s brother’s place and beat him and his people up, in public. It’s just an all-out fight mayhem and it’s a mess. An unnecessary mess that should have been left on the editing room floor.

This episode leaves a lot to be expected, it’s the season finale so I guess that is okay. Not a banging outro though! A lukewarm episode and an absolutely unnecessary final scene. The penultimate episode felt more like a finale with that Emmy worthy exit acting from Ellen Barkin’s Smurf. Please give Barkin her Emmy!

Overall, it was a good season, we will all miss Smurf, RIP Smurf.

Now let’s go get hyped for Animal Kingdom season 5.

How was the finale?  Great? No? Grade it below, then hit the comments. Also, who would you cast as the older Pamela?



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