Actors: Gerard Butler, Danny Huston, Jada Pinkett Smith, Morgan Freeman, Lance Reddick, Piper Perabo, Tim Blake Nelson, with Nick Nolte

Genre: Action

Running Time: 120 minutes minutes

Release Date: Friday 23rd August 2019

Angel has fallen poster


In this third installment of the Fallen franchise, “Angel Has Fallen” after a drone attack leaves President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) in a coma, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is framed for the assassination attempt. He sets out to clear his name and confront his past.


What is an American movie without some stereotyped foreign enemies? In 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen, North Korea was America’s enemy; 2016’s awful London Has Fallen points its Islamophobic fingers at Pakistan. This time, it’s the Russians framing Gerard Butler’s Secret Service agent Mike Banning for an assassination attempt on President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman).

Angel has fallen

The plot of this movie is so thin, a stick would be jealous. I mean, it’s the classic clichéd action movie plot executed in a rather unconvincing way.

I couldn’t stop laughing when James W Anderson of entertainment said, “A good hour of the running time could be cut out by handing the audience cards that say “secret service, private military company, veterans, USA” and let them come up with their own utterly generic plot.”

I have never agreed more with anything in my life!


The plot was so unconvincingly executed, it’s like they are joking? Why would anyone believe Mike Banning would want to assassinate the president?

A well trained secret service agent who is the poster boy of American patriotism, kills his whole team, leaves his DNA in convenient places for the FBI and everybody to find and is found unconscious at the crime scene with ten million dollars in a not-so-secret offshore account that everybody and their mother can find. Really? He might as well have left a note saying “I, Mike Banning, did it”.

The FBI’s investigation headed by Jada Pinkett’s Agent Thompson is laughable, for a minute I thought I was watching a parody movie. Jada Pinkett’s acting is so horrible, I think even she couldn’t believe her script enough to act it out.

Angel has fallen, jada pinkett

But, I guess action movies are not so famous for their stellar plots. The action was there. I don’t fault the movie for action because there isn’t a shortage of that, you won’t be bored. Mike Banning suffering from PTSD of the last two movies doesn’t fail to escape and set out to find who set him up.  

Your guess is as good as mine, who it was that set him up and who asked that person to do it too. Guess, and you would be correct. In fact, 5 minutes into the movie and you know the whole story.

Nick Nolte makes an entrance as Mike’s estranged father and his scene with the explosions right after condemning war were nice to see. And a comedic relief too.

Angel has fallen nick colte

If you are looking for an action movie, ‘Angel Has Fallen’ is okay. Mediocre and disappointing but okay. The last movie in this franchise was equally horrible so expectations were not really high for this one.

Its 2 stars for effort and the action for me. How would you rate it?




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